May 20, 2017

RSS all the things

Didn’t you never thought that will be cool to have all information in a one site so you can avoid to sign-in to very site and see if there are some new content. Didn’t you never thought that will be good to have one unified tool to filter, tag and organize all the information without having to depend on external services? Well, that thing is the old-good RSS. Nowadays seems that we prefer to be able to socialize all the things instead of organize them. ... Read more

May 19, 2017

Simple auto deploy

To write this blog I had to type the password for the ssh keys, then search for the mobile phone, open the 2FA application and type the code. Then write the article on the server, then run the command hugo to generate the blog, and then push the new content to the git repository, so I need to type another ssh key passphrase. As it was too masochistic even for a gentoo user like me, I decided to automate this whole thing so I could write the articles on my computer and automatically push the content to the repository, tell the server to pull it and generate the blog. ... Read more

May 16, 2017

Whats wrong with telegram

Probably I will not say anything new or unknown about telegram, but as long as my human memory is limited and I can not remember all the things that telegram does wrong, I decided to take some notes. Support never responds to your messages, I tried to contact with support with mail and telegram, without results. Other people have the same problem, so this negligence seems to be the rule. ... Read more

May 12, 2017

A simple ebuild

Recently I started to contribute in gentoo by maintaining two ebuilds. Durint the process I learned a little bit of how an ebuild should be done, so I thought it could be interesting to write about it. An ebuild is like a extended-bash script with some helper functions and utilities. The concept of ebuild is very similar to the concept of recipe, used in yocto (a open source distro builder used in the embedded world) ... Read more

May 11, 2017

Hello world

With a little bit of luck I will have time and motivation to write some uninteresting articles about random things. My main interest in opening this blog was: Having someplace where I can save my thoughts and learnings in an organized manner Playing with a server which I can safely misconfigure, delete or crash (because nobody cares) Having a site that can be used to share long articles with friends (instead of copy-pasting them on pastebin or some similar shit). ... Read more